The Connected Life

Connected: The Jesus Way

Connected is a ‘learner-base process’ designed to encourage, equip and empower believers and churches to become spiritually mature followers of Jesus Christ. Following the methods and strategy of Jesus Christ we become effective workers and leaders who have influence to transform our environment. The goal of Connected is to help believers to develop a new lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus and to create a disciple making culture in churches. The process consists out of presentations, practical exercises, assignments, mentoring and self-study. Life and character transformation take place as you commit yourself to the process and respond to the working of the Holy Spirit in your life. The process starts with the Connected Life material as the foundation, and continues with the Connected Disciple, the Connected Leader and the Connected Church etc.

The first step is to attend a ‘Come and See’ which serves as an introduction to the Connected Life material and course. It provides some of the objectives and outcomes of the course, and it also establishes a core group that will attend the course. It is a setting in which people can learn from each other, share a meal together and pray together. It gives people the opportunity to share and be strengthened in their faith. The sessions equip people with a framework of how an intimate relationship with God can be cultivated and modelled to other believers.

The second step will be to enlist in a weekend School of Prayer or Retreat which will be the beginning of a series of in-depth teachings on the Connected Life material. The material varies between courses on discipleship and leadership. The teachings are focused on how to cultivate an intimate and living walk, with God and how to impact the lives of other people. These teachings outline the fundamental elements of a life that is closely connected to Jesus. When a person is in contact with Jesus, he or she is transformed into the likeness of Jesus and the transformation becomes visible to other people. Connected Life provides a manual and a structure which is user-friendly and easy to apply in a mentor relationship.

We invite you to join us as we connect with Jesus and connect our faith to others. You can enlist or attend a Come and See event or Connected Retreat near you, study online or become a Connector.

The Connected Life

Jesus’ life and ministry impacted those closest to Him and soon His influence grew and stretched beyond Israel to other parts of the world. The life of Jesus is still impacting people and nations today.

Jesus lived a life that was in touch and connected to the heart and agenda of His Father. He only spoke the words He had heard (John 8:28) and did what He had seen from the Father (John 5:19). He prioritized time with His Father above other responsibilities and aligned Himself with His Father’s will. Jesus sets Himself forth as the object of our faith and becomes the pattern we should follow in our lives.

Jesus calls men to learn from Him. As we respond to His call, we experience the joy of being transformed into His image. It is impossible to follow Jesus without becoming involved in what He is doing. The Connected Life will take you deeper in your walk with God and expand your ministry and influence for God. You will re-discover the power and joy of fellowship with God and with one another. You will experience the joy of helping other believers experience a closer walk with God as you befriend, disciple or mentor them. As they grow and become more mature in their faith, you will experience the ignition of quiet and lasting transformation in the lives of ordinary people, like you and me. I sincerely hope that this will become true in your life.

The Connected Life journey starts with an introductory weekend, followed by 9 weeks of reflection, questions and assignments with assisted mentorship. During these weeks we study Mark 3:13 – 6:32, and explore the principles of ‘Being with Jesus’, ‘Being transformed by Jesus’ and ‘Being sent by Jesus’.

Are you ready to Re-Connect with God’s Purpose and experience God working in and through your life? If so, contact us for more information or a Retreat near you or sign up online.

Study Resource: The Call – be and become all that you were meant to be.

The Connected Disciple

It was toward the end of Jesus’ life and ministry on earth, that He gave the twelve disciples their commission. They were to go out into the world to preach the gospel to all nations and make disciples of all people. Jesus disclosed God’s plan and strategy for reaching people throughout the world, throughout the four gospels.

Jesus’ ministry strategy differs vastly from our ministry strategies today. A modern-day Christian’s life is so filled with church activities and busy schedules that they rarely spend time in the Word of God. Despite Jesus’ busy lifestyle and full ministry program, He always made time to spend with His Father. Likewise, Jesus always had power, wisdom and guidance to share with His disciples.

In the Connected Disciple we continue to work on the foundation of the Connected Life, taking a closer look at Luke 24 and Acts 1, as we apply the truths that we have learned.

The Connected Disciple’s journey starts with an introductory weekend or an online course, followed with times of reflection, questions and assignments with assisted mentorship as we explore what it means to be and become a connected Disciple in action.

Topics to be discussed

  • Introduction (Luke 24:33-48; Acts 1: 1-8, John 17)
  • What is a Disciple?
  • What is a Disciple in Action?
  • The Disciple’s Compassion and Circles of Influence
  • The Disciple’s Resource – Scripture and Jesus Christ
  • Fellowship, Word, Prayer, Obedience, Compassion, Holy Spirit
  • The Disciple’s Life – Repentance and Forgiveness
  • The Disciple’s Goal – Glory of God, Reveal His Nature, Deliver His Word, Finish His Work)
  • The Disciple’s Witnessing and Sharing of Christ – Connecting until all nations
  • The Disciple’s Power – Holy Spirit
  • The Disciple getting more done – Priorities and Program
  • The Disciple’s struggle

The Connected Church

Jesus told His followers to go into the world and make disciples and teach them to observe all the things that He had commanded them. Within two years they filled Jerusalem with their teaching (Acts 5:28).

In four years, the churches were multiplying and growing throughout all Judea, Samaria, and Galilee (Acts 9:31). Within nineteen years they ‘turned the world upside down’ (Acts 17:6). Within just twenty years His followers had taken this message to every major city of the Roman empire as well as Africa and India. And within thirty years, the gospel was bearing fruit and growing (Colossians 1:6). By A.D. 300, Christians made up around 10 percent of the population throughout the Roman Empire – five to nine million followers of Jesus. Today, His followers, numbers more than 2 billion around the world. And all of this from a man whose work span out over just three years in Israel, and who never wrote a book, or had a TV or Radio program.

But it seems that somewhere along the way the church has drifted off course from Jesus’ intended model. In the Connected Church we take a closer look at Acts 2:37-47 to see how the early church grew. We apply the Connected principles and look at the position of your church, the forgotten Jesus Model, and consider whether your church is driven by a program or a process.

In the Connected Church we continue to work on the foundation of the Connected Life, taking a closer look at Acts 2 and the Commandments of Jesus, as we apply the truths that we have learned.

You can either enlist in an online course or listen to some of the teachings online.

The Connected Leader

Leadership is all about influence, and there is no greater example of a Person Who influenced the world, than Jesus. No one was ever born like Him. No one ever lived like Him. No one ever taught like Him. No one ever died like Him. No one ever rose from the dead like Him. No one ever led like Him. Jesus was and still is the greatest leader in the history of the world.

Becoming a Christ-like leader is a decision that you must make every morning. Leadership is not just for Pastors and the clergy. When you are married or a parent, you are a leader. The Connected Leader helps us to become and be the leaders we are meant to be.

Firstly, before we can lead, we must learn to follow. Being always precedes doing!

Secondly, we must develop knowledge and skills as we learn how to apply principles that can direct our life and ministry.

Thirdly, we must develop leaders within our environment and church. Jesus did not carry out His work alone, and you are not intended to do either.

What will happen?

The Connected Leader consists out of 14 teachings /meetings (one per month) where a participant is trained to develop his Leadership Skills and Leadership Character. This training is based on the foundation of the Connected Life and The Connected Disciple. This will also help you ‘not to just develop yourself’ but to develop others within your group as well as new and young emerging Leaders.

It will take place in a small group setting that will last for one to two hours. The Bible is the foundation for the teaching. It will be conducted in an exegesis format to guide you through a devotional, questions for discussions and prayer. You will also be assigned to read articles or books which are supplementary towards your transformation. During this process we will do an assessment of who you are, your leadership skills and your profile. We would like to explore where you are in life, what your growth points and strengths are to determine where God wants you to start working in your own life.

The Connected Leader can be presented over a weekend, but we suggest a monthly meeting in a small group or online study to maximize your teaching and training. It takes time to reflect on teachings and implement that into our lives.

Topics to be discussed:

Level 1 – Lead Self

  • Jesus was Connected – Following His example
  • Principle – God has a Purpose and a Plan and we get to be part of that
  • Principle – Calling – Who is fit to Lead?
  • Principle – Before You Can Do It, You Have to Know It – Personal Devotional Life
  • Principle – Before you can do it, you have to live it – Living out of the Overflow
  • Principle – Prepare yourself to lead – How is God preparing you?
  • Principle – Prepare yourself to lead – How can you prepare yourself?

Level 2 – Lead Others and Organizations

  • Principle – Seeing the Big Picture
  • Principle – The Model of a Team
  • Principle – The Work of Leadership
  • Principle – Let your people have a voice
  • Principle – Motivating your followers
  • Principle – Facing obstacles and opposition

You can either attend one of the weekends, monthly groups, online study courses or plan to become a Facilitator of such a group in your community.