“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19)

If our Master commands us to go, we need permission to stay! The gospel is the account of Jesus leaving His Father’s right hand to go to Calvary. Jesus instructed those who wanted to be His disciples to leave their homes and their comforts and follow Him. Some disciples insisted that they could not go yet because they still had to care for elderly parents (Luke 9:59-60). Others wanted to make sure everything was in order first before they left (Luke 9:61-62). Certain disciples expressed a willingness to follow but inquired about the details of what they would be doing before committing to the mission (Luke 9:57-58). Even though Jesus’ way of recruitment seemed odd to the people, He did not adapt the requirements of what it took to be a follower of Him. It might seem harsh to us, as we can reconcile ourselves with some of the situations the disciples were in. However, Jesus knew what it meant to live a surrendered life to God, and He needed to teach His disciples this very important lesson.

We can easily convince ourselves that Jesus does not really want us to adjust our lives, especially if we are in a phase where we enjoy the successes and comforts of life. However, we should not become misguided. Jesus often told His disciples to go elsewhere in spite of the success they were experiencing in a specific moment. Peter had just pulled in the greatest catch of fish of his entire career when Jesus invited him to leave everything (Luke 5:1-11). Philip enjoyed astounding success as an evangelist when the Holy Spirit instructed him to go to the desert (Acts 8:25-40). Success in our lives can be our greatest hindrance to go to where Jesus wants us to be.

If you become too comfortable where you are, you might resist Christ’s invitation to go elsewhere. God intends for us to continue growing and many times growth is best achieved through change. God always has an assignment for those who are willing to accept His invitation. If God is extending an invitation to you – be sure to accept. Not only will He guide you through the mission, but He will also provide all the necessary resources to complete the task. He may lead you across the street to encourage your neighbor or He might send you to the other side of your country. Wherever He leads, be prepared to go.