Follow Your Guide Closely

“Commit your way to the Lord, Trust Him also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass”

 – Psalm 37:5

On a recent visit to New Zealand, I traveled to meet a friend in the city and got lost on my way to him. I thought I knew the way to get there and did not load the map on my phone. I stopped and asked several people for directions on the way: The first two people did not know the address or how to get there; the third person, a lady, knew the way and directed me to the right address.

When we arrive in an unknown city or area, we type in our destination on Google Maps and proceed to follow the instructions of the GPS. We automatically feel assured that the GPS will take us to where we need to be. We do not worry about if there is a better road to take, a short cut, detour, traffic, or even how we are going to get there, we just follow the suggested route. We feel comfortable following the instructions of Google Maps because it has been proven as a reliable source.

People have different guidelines as to what determines their final destination. Some people may value money, success, status, family, or traveling and these desires guide them on a path to obtain what is essential to them. However, we as Christians know that only God can satisfy us on our journey on earth. God is the only One Who is worthy to be followed.

Following the Lord Jesus is a lot like following Google Maps. He knows where He wants us to go; He knows the desires of our hearts; He knows what we need on the journey; He knows the dangers of the journey; He is capable to guide us through all the uncertainties, and He sincerely cares to guide us safely, through every possible obstacle, to where we need to be.

On our journey, we need to know that our guide is worth following. He created all the roads and knows which one is best for us to take, He is trustworthy and has our best interests at heart. He is worthy to be followed and obeyed.

We do not know the way; but, Jesus does. He will always lead us to the right destination. Our responsibility is to keep our eyes on Him, trust Him, and keep in step with Him. Despite the difficulties and challenges you may face, He is still leading and directing you towards the place you need to be and where He will meet with you anew. Why don’t you commit your ways to the Lord and let Jesus be your Guide (John 14:6)?

Prayer: Lord, I commit my ways to you, trusting that you will guide me step-by-step. Please help me to be a guide that knows the way for my spouse, children, and family. Amen