21 Years of Grace

OUR LIVES CHANGED forever on the 1st of June 1999 when I resigned my job as a Personnel
Officer in the South African Defense Force in Pretoria, South Africa. My wife, Dorothea and I had
taken a major step of faith. My job and rank of Lieutenant – Colonel, provided for us, and my daughter,
a good and secure income and future.
Prior to my resignation, I used my evenings and weekends to finish my theological studies and to
arrange revival meetings, as part time National Coordinator of Revival Congresses SA. The Lord
sustained us during the busy times of full-time work, studies and our involvement in planning
evangelistic and revival outreaches. However, we knew that God was preparing us for a new phase in
our lives. We came to the understanding that God called us into full time ministry, and we accepted
the call and responded to His invitation.
One evening, shortly after I resigned, the Lord directed my thoughts to read from the book of
Isaiah. I found my way to Chapter 54 and God spoke to me from His word. I knew that God was
directing my path to the new course of our lives. He wanted me, “to enlarge the place of my tent … stretch
out the curtains of my dwelling … lengthen my cords … strengthen my stakes … break out to the east and the west and
not be afraid” (v 2 – 4). I had the sense that God wanted me to begin travelling in South Africa and
beyond our borders abroad. To me that was a foreign concept. I grew up in a small town and had
never before thought or cared much about traveling. I was also not accustomed to travel away from
home, let alone to visit overseas countries.
The very next day I received a phone call, and invitation to preach in the State of Tennessee in
the United States. Since then, I have crossed the Atlantic more than 40 times to teach and preach in
North America. I have travelled several times to African nations, Britain, Europe, Middle East,
Australia and New Zealand, to speak and teach in 31 countries about prayer and revival. The Lord has
allowed me to lead more than 60 groups of Christians to Biblical countries. I have also driven
thousands of kilometers on the roads in South Africa. I was able to write and publish several books
and articles over the years. God has been gracious in blessing our ministry as people responded to the
message. Some of those moments where the Holy Spirit drew near to us are forever imprinted in my
heart. Living a life of faith, we had to trust God for our daily needs. By God’s provision and grace, we
have witnessed many miracles and I can honestly say that God has provided according to our every
need as a family and He spoiled us with special memories throughout the journey. He has been kind
to me, He touched and used my life in ways that I never could have dreamed of being possible.
It has been an incredible journey full of amazing experiences and life changing encounters with
God. God used the reading and writings of Christian biographies, literature and Revivals to stir my
heart. It created within me a deep longing to really ‘know’ Him, grow closer to Him and to see Him
work through revival. My life was deeply impacted by the friendship and mentoring of Christian leaders
who became companions on my journey. My life has also been shaped through some touches of revival
in my ministry, when I was able to see how God worked in the lives of His people. How sad would it
have been if I had not heard His call, misunderstood what He said, or been unwilling to respond to
We can only say, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” We found Him faithful and true to His
Word and promise, “My God is able to keep you.” (Jude 24) And, we are looking forward to the rest
of the journey with Jesus. It is our prayer, that He will help us to finish the course and the work that
He has given us (Acts 20:24; John 17:4), and that He will find us faithful as we celebrate His goodness
and grace. Thank You Jesus.
Francois & Dorothea Carr

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